Online Video Schedule

MONDAY, April 27th:  


6 pm:    Get Your Groove On!   ($10):

             -->We will learn patterns for dancing without a partner to party music, and dance them repeatedly to music.


7 pm:    Cha Cha Moving Forward--continued ($10):

             -->We will learn and practice options for moving forward in Cha Cha.


8 pm:    Performance Elements ($10):

              -->We will practice different elements of performance for competition and shows.


TUESDAY, April 28th:  


2 pm:     Arm Styling--Back and Ribs ($10):

              -->We will work on arm styling, specifically the use of elbows and wrists in the rhythmic dances.


7 pm:     Line Dancing ($10):

               -->A little bit of fun, a little bit of technique!   


WEDNESDAY, April 29th:  


6 pm:     Stretch for Your Lessons ($10):

              -->We will go through the stretches that you should use before any lesson to get your muscles ready to move and prevent injury.


7 pm:     Beautiful Feet and Legs in Foxtrot ($10):

              -->We will learn better foot and leg actions for Foxtrot.


8 pm:     Quick Turns in Polka  ($10):

            -->We will learn the fast turns in Polka that are danced on the triples.


THURSDAY, April 30th:  


2 pm:     Slow Style--Variations ($10):

              -->We will learn variations in this dance that is used for many, many timeless slow-dancing ballads.


7 pm:     Matching the Dance to the Music--continued   ($10):

             -->We will learn how to recognize what dance should be danced to which music.



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