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Your First Dance. Save the date!

   When dancing at your wedding you want to feel confident, relaxed, and look great at the same time. Let us help you get there! 
Shall We Dance? offers many options to make your first dance as a married couple become your best foot forward into your new life together.

 * * *

With all of the many tasks that happen close to a wedding, make sure that you come in for lessons at least 6-8 weeks before the wedding so that you have enough time to become comfortable before the big day.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

For all wedding couples

Wedding Package Add Ons

1) Parent Dance.....$90

      **This option depends  on the dance chosen by the Bride and Groom, discussed during the wedding consult**

  • 2 hours of private dance instruction

  • Song cut

  • Basic & 1 pattern

  • Custom entrance & exit

2) Extra Private hour.....$60

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