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For new dancers


When attending dance lessons or group classes at Shall We Dance?, being comfortable is key.  Shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses should be comfortable and move easily.  Clothing that is too tight will be uncomfortable when moving around the dance floor.  When partner dancing, cleanliness can go a long way; try to avoid strongly scented sprays or lotions as some people could be allergic.  Many people wear casual dress, dressing up a little more for special events here at the studio.  While we have no dress code at Shall We Dance?, please dress comfortably and considerately.  If you are preparing for a special event of your own, we would be happy to help you choose attire that will not only be comfortable and easy to dance in, but match your theme as well.  As always for wedding preparation, we are happy to hold a trial run (without your fiancé) dancing in your wedding dress.


This is the most important part of your dancing attire and can make a world of difference when moving around and across the floor.  There is no need to wear shoes for dancing all day, please just bring them with you and change here!  We have a beautiful, large coat and shoe rack just for our students to be able store street shoes and other belongings. 

For Gentlemen: any shoe that covers your whole foot and stays on snugly is suitable, but the soles should have NO RUBBER and NO TREAD.  You must be able to move when you need to, rubber and tread stick to the floor and can cause serious injury.  Most dress shoes and boots will work for this purpose.  Please do not wear tennis shoes, sandals, or flip-flops to avoid injury. 

For Ladies: if you EVER WEAR HEELS (any height) ever in your life, you need to learn to dance in heels.  Learning in heels and then dancing in flats if you choose is very easy, but trying to learn in flats then moving up to heels is extremely difficult and can cause some balance issues.  If you ever wear heels for any reason, wear heels for dancing.  Additionally, the same is true for ladies as it is for gentlemen: NO RUBBER and NO TREAD on the soles of your shoes.  You must be able to move when you need to, rubber and tread stick to the floor and can cause serious injury.  Most dress shoes and boots will work for this purpose.  Please do not  wear tennis shoes, sandals, or flip-flops to avoid injury. 

You have the option to purchase shoes specifically designed for dancing as well.  These shoes have more support to provide better stability and suede on the soles to easily move across the floor.   You can purchase these types of shoes through Shall We Dance?  Please speak with your instructor if you are interested in dance shoes. 


Most Fridays at Shall We Dance? is party time! 


If a group class is offered before the party, then it is included with the party. Beginners to advanced dancers will be able to find a class at their skill level.  We work on a different dance each week, so it is a great way to be introduced to a new dance that you have not yet learned, or to experience a dance that you have not considered exploring. It is also a fun way to learn more about a dance that you already know. The class is a wonderful way to get to know other students in the studio, as well as being a great warm-up for the rest of the evening.


During the party we play a variety of music for all the partner dances.  We also play music for line dances. This ensures that everyone has a chance to dance no matter what types of dance they are learning.   Every party is a nice opportunity to meet people, practice what you have learned, and get a little experience on the dance floor before you go and try it outside the studio environment.  As everyone that comes to the party is some type of dancing student, you will find a very considerate group of dancers that are excited about dancing and are very good at encouraging others. 


You will find that Shall We Dance? has a relaxed and comfortable environment. The Friday night party is a fun way to end the week with great music and some fun dancing. 


Come by on Friday night and check it out!


A group class is a class with one instructor and several students.  In a group class you will learn three or four patterns in one or two dances over the course of an hour.   The purpose of the group class is twofold: one, you will learn patterns that will save time on your private lessons.  When you use class time this way, you can then spend the valuable time on your private lessons making the patterns better.  Two, you will have an opportunity to dance with other people in the class which will help to develop your leading or following skills, especially if you have a regular partner.

The group classes will help to speed your progress and are an extremely useful addition to your private lessons.  These can be taken at your convenience but are most useful at once per week or twice per month.


Dance lessons are a fun and unique gift idea.  Shall We Dance? offers options for any price range, whether for a casual “thinking of you” gift or a more formal gift for an important event such as a wedding.   Dancing can happen anywhere and at any time, so it’s a wonderful and thoughtful gift that will delight for years.

We will be happy to help you decide what type of dance gift would be most appropriate for the occasion.  Gift certificates can be picked up at the studio for you to give personally, or we can mail them directly to the recipient.  They need only to call the studio to make the appointment for their first lesson, and we will take the rest from there!

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