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Kate's Corner

This section of the website is designed so I can communicate with you: Student, or Staff, or Friend. There are times in which I need to communicate with you and I need to make sure that my exact words gets out to you, because as we all have experienced in our lessons, words have weight and very specific meaning.


As you have noticed, we came out of COVID and our studio went to more competitions and dance related activities in 2022 than ever -- both staff and students. My staff, and myself, have been absent from the studio due to competitions, dance activities, and dance judging (Raven, Joshua, and myself guest judged at the dance event Beth hosted at the Oklahoma State Fair 2022).


In 2023, my staff is going to be ramping up their dance schedules and are planning to go to more dance competitions. I am also going to be doing more dancing myself. I am wanting the studio to go to more dance events than last year.


This means that some of the groups and parties may be canceled, streamlined, or cut short due to having a very small staff. This also means that since your teachers will be gone, we will have to either find another teacher for you or move your lesson to another day. This also means that my staff is also not having their regular lessons with myself and/or Beth. Now, this sounds like a bleak problem; but really it is a blessing.


When you have a healthy dance studio, your staff is going to be going to competitions on a regular basis. A regular basis can be anywhere from going to competitions every several weeks to going to competition every couple weeks. They are: ramping up their dancing and practicing; thinking about their dancing in very different ways; getting private instruction from myself, Beth and top coaches; and talking with very important dancers and judges.


This means that all of the information, experiences, and training that they are receiving will filter down to you in your private instruction, your group lessons, the parties, and in the overall attitude and feeling of the studio.


The old adage: “A rising time lifts all boats” is very true here in this instance and for the studio. My staff and myself, by going through competition and working on our own dancing, we will be bringing you a very different and much refined and advanced dance experience.

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