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Orchid Wedding Package

Orchid Wedding Package

Wedding Services Offered:

  • 10 hours of private dance instruction
  • Choreography option
  • Basics & 5-7 patterns
  • Custom entrance & exit
  • Wedding song cut
  • 30-minute dress rehearsal
  • Friday night practice performance
  • 7 studio practice sessions
  • Choreography

    * Must allow for at least ten hours if extensive choreography is desired. 

  • Wedding package purchase

    * Only one wedding package purchase allowed/marriage.
    * Wedding packages do have the ability to upgrade.
    * A 5 hour minimum is strongly encouraged for success and to prevent dance floor mishaps.

  • Scheduling

    * All Wedding packages come with a FREE half-hour consultation.

    * Contact Shall We Dance? for private consultation scheduling.

    * E-mail:
    * Phone: (405) 801-3308

  • Refund/Cancellation Policy

    All sales are final.

    This is transferable, but not refundable.

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